Enjoy the best dining experience with us.

Every eating experience at The Swagath Grand Group (owned by Swagath Motels Pvt Ltd ) defines itself by authenticity, excellent service, world-class cuisine and a receptive, warm and welcoming ambience. The dining here is unrivalled. Each one of our specialty and multi-cuisine restaurants has something special to offer. Meals are often communal experiences but sometimes guests wish to savour a delicious meal in very select company. You may make any meal a private and special affair in a secluded setting. Private dining adds a new dimension to the already extraordinary culinary offerings at the hotel. There comes a time when you want to be in a place with great ambience and relaxing music playing instead of being holed up in your room during the weekend. Lucky for you, there is such a place for you to do so and it is a place strongly filled with the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee. A cafe can be the right place for you to spend the rest of the day immersed in your newly-bought book filled with hearty quotes – What better place than the Coffee Shop at your favourite Swagath Hotel? Enjoy some alone time or in the company of friends... partake of the fragrant coffee and unwind!

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